Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

A bed and breakfast is an establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast to members of the public. The establishments have few rooms, usually not more than twelve, and are run by the owners who may also reside there. The rooms may range from simple rooms to suites depending on the location of the establishment, the target market and the resources at the owners disposal.

Who would use a B&B and why?

Bed and Breakfasts are usually open to the public and can be used by people who are in the town either for leisure or for business. They can also be booked by groups of people for group weekend breaks or holidays.

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In most cases, they are used by people in transit owing to their strategic locations. Bed and breakfasts can also be used as an affordable alternative to hotel accommodation.

When do people use B&BS?

Mostly, they are used for accommodation and meals when people are travelling or away from their homes. The local people can use them for accommodation when they want a change of environment or when their homes are out of bounds; say during renovations or when natural disasters such as storms have wrecked their homes. They can also be used when the hotels in the area are fully booked, especially during peak tourism seasons.

Benefits of Bed and Breakfast

These facilities are usually strategically located increasing the ease of access to guests. In most cases, they are located near a busy road, an airport, railway station or in a shopping centre making it easier for guests to spot them. B&BS are more affordable compared to hotels which are especially an advantage for families and groups. In addition to this, the hosts usually give personalised attention to all guests due to the smaller number of people hosted there. They also ensure that the meals are warm and delicious just like home cooked meals.

Most bed and breakfast facilities usually have some deep and interesting history which can be explored through books or organised tour sessions of the compound and the surrounding areas. In some cases, they even offer different activities such as wine tasting, musical recitals and movie screening to make the experience richer.

When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you end up getting more than you paid for. For example, you may get complimentary wine or champagne sent to you every now and then, fresh cookies, freshly squeezed juice and even a variety of fruits can all be availed without any additional charge. Some hosts may even have a library - books or movies- that guests can use for relaxation after a long day exploring the area.

These facilities are non-discriminatory. They can therefore be used by people from all walks of life and social status who happen to be in the area. They can be utilised by families, those who travel in groups, business people, tourists, local people or even the rich. The convenience and affordability, value for money and the personalised care increases their preference among other forms of accommodation all over the world.