Day: October 9, 2018

Holidays with children on paradise beaches

Holidays with children on paradisiacal beaches Holidays with children can be the coolest, especially if you decide to go to a paradisiacal beach. Well, as is well known, the dream of every family is to be able to go to a place to rest and disconnect from routine. Do you know which are the most […]

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Basic advice before travelling abroad

Taking out a life insurance policy, making photocopies of your passport or consulting with the Ministry of Health to obtain information on recommended vaccinations form a series of basic requirements to be taken into account by tourists who are going to spend their holidays abroad, as recommended by the MFI group, a company specialised in […]

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How could you ever miss a school or hotel time on the internet?

With a little time and patience, it is possible to choose the right accommodation so as not to ruin your next holidays. What never booked a hotel on the Internet when you were doing a great business and when you arrived at the place you noticed that you had entered a stolen one? The location […]

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Asia, the best destination for cheap travel this year

One of the first things I like to do when it starts every year is to think about where I’m going to travel, which are the best destinations and which are the best dates. And if they are much cheaper trips. As you well know looking for cheap trips has become an objective to share […]

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Our games to travel by plane with children

Living on an island is synonymous with traveling by plane. The families that live in the Peninsula don’t have so many opportunities to fly, but in our case to cross the puddle, if only to visit the family in Murcia, we do it often. Sunflower flew for the first time at four months of age […]

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