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Asia, the best destination for cheap travel this year

One of the first things I like to do when it starts every year is to think about where I’m going to travel, which are the best destinations and which are the best dates. And if they are much cheaper trips.

As you well know looking for cheap trips has become an objective to share with everyone and I have come to the conclusion that this year will be dominated by a continent for all those who want to travel spending little.

As we all know, doing short trips is a good way to spend little without staying at home. But what if we want to go a little further?

Asia, the preferred continent to spend little
With very few exceptions, the preferred destination for travelers looking for an exotic place without a big budget is, without a doubt, Asia.

Some time ago when I wrote down the 10 cheapest destinations to travel to, four were in Asia.

Perhaps one of the things that are more expensive is the flight, but by putting an alert on the sites of flight reservations or looking for offers we can reduce costs at this point as well.

Top 5 destinations on the continent
Selecting the best destinations is a combination of the prices that we will be able to pay with the places that it is possible to visit. Here are the five best countries to travel to this year.

Besides knowing what is necessary to go to Thailand, such as plane tickets, tours, etc., it is interesting to know that it is one of the cheapest places where you can find accommodation from 3 euros (do not expect great luxuries, of course) and meals for 1 euro.

In addition to the fact that it is historically a pass of a country and its landscapes are incredible, in Vietnam accommodation can be priceless. Even if you feel like giving yourself a luxury you can go to a hotel with a spa, breakfast included, accommodation and very spacious rooms for no more than 40 euros per couple.

One of the advantages of this country is that it is not as big as other countries and in a short time you can travel quietly through the main points of interest. This allows you to focus more on the places and spend less on transport. You could live a whole month in Cambodia for less than 100 euros.

Sri Lanka
So far has been overshadowed by other more famous destinations but this country where you can stay in a good hotel with your partner for no more than 6 euros a night is quite a discovery. With a couple of weeks, you can reach to travel part of the country.

You can travel through India from north to south in less time using trains or buses and you will spend very little. You can also eat for less than five euros during the whole day and if you are willing to be in a lower quality accommodation you will pay about 3 or 4 euros a night for two people.


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