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Our games to travel by plane with children

Living on an island is synonymous with traveling by plane. The families that live in the Peninsula don’t have so many opportunities to fly, but in our case to cross the puddle, if only to visit the family in Murcia, we do it often.

Sunflower flew for the first time at four months of age and has since flown an average of four times a year. One per season. So many times I meet moms who are going to start the experience of getting on a plane with their little ones and they ask me for advice. Their most common question is what do they have to take with them to entertain them on the plane and not get bored.

Obviously depends on the flight, is not the same a flight of three and a half hours (as when we went to Oslo last summer), then a flight of half an hour, which is what it takes to go to Alicante from Mallorca. But as it’s better to be prepared for what might happen, we always carry our infallible game kit, a very useful kit for when you have to sit for a long time, without moving, and in a small space, which in some way can be overwhelming and stressful for a small child, and of course for an adult.

No screens in between

In our kit, we don’t carry anything that has anything to do with a screen. I know, this is not the usual thing. Ipad or mobile games, films, cartoons,… are the number one entertainment used by parents in these cases. How many children we have already seen in the boarding lounge absorbed by the screen and do not take their eyes off it except the few minutes that you can not use electronic devices at takeoff or landing.

What is a valid and effective option? They have to be, otherwise, they wouldn’t be used as much, but it’s not the option we choose. We believe that there are many other healthier and more appropriate alternatives for young children and that also allow a different enjoyment of the special moment of traveling by plane because they do not disconnect you so much, but the other way around, they connect you.

Our traveler games kit

Sunflower always carries a backpack where she keeps all her play materials. This one, in particular, was given to us by a mother who read the blog and sewed it with a lot of affection and she loves it. Is it beautiful, isn’t it?

Play to paint

This is what he likes to do most on the plane by far. That of lowering the front tray and draw or paint the whistle. That’s why we always carry a notebook bought or even homemade. We usually use sheets to recycle and create small notebooks, simply making a couple of holes with the drill and tying the sheets with a plim-plim.

To paint we always carry something small like the fabric bag of the Crayons Rocks that are great for the size and range of colors (ours are Alupe).


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